We’re re-inventing the accounting experience

Who We Are

Welcome to the accounting technology that’s going to totally elevate the accounting experience–cliQue Advisor. With simplified onboarding, shareable checklists, wealth scores, client alerts, and a highly interactive client interface, cliQue brings us closer to our clients than ever before.

Key Features

Here’s just a sample of what you have to look forward to when using cliQue!

Simplified Onboarding

Our streamlined onboarding process will eliminate one of the biggest pain points in the accounting industry. Say goodbye to inconsistent steps and drawn out processes with cliQue’s slick, step-by-step onboarding design.

SHareable CHecklists

Collecting client information doesn’t have to be a confusing and cumbersome task. Our shareable checklists will eliminate any confusion, and make collecting client information a breeze.

Wealth Scores

Our revolutionary Wealth Sense is going to totally transform the way your clients look at their wealth. Our wealth scoring system will help you maximize your clients’ wealth, and in turn maximize your client satisfaction.

Interactive Client Interface

The interactive client experience we’ve created is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. From their computer, tablet, or mobile device, clients will be able to display job progress, monitor KPIs, connect with team members, manage their wealth score, and so much more.

We’re going live soon! 

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