Serious CPAs “Show Up” by Taking Care of Themselves

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Podcast Episodes | 0 comments

In today’s episode, Obed discusses the specifics mapping the client journey at your firm. You’ll hear why it’s a huge mistake to neglect your wellbeing. You’ll see how building a career that works for you is the easiest way to bring something different and cool to your clients.

You’ll learn the five main stages CPAs should look at when mapping the journey and how to evaluate each step. Using this process will reveal a treasure trove of opportunities for your firm to move up market and off the hamster wheel.

In this episode:

  • 01:34 – CPAs are in a helping profession. Accounting shouldnt be a grind.
  • 04:10 – Symptoms of burnout and losing your passion
  • 06:00 – State of the profession. What’s causing burnout and disengagement
  • 7:49 – “Always on” culture is killing our CPAs
  • 10:28 – Client acceptance, lack of control over our work – Jason Blumer
  • 11:55 – What makes a dysfunctional workplace 
  • 14:10 – Antidote to burnout and quiet quitting 
  • 16:12 – Creating a great career – practical examples for firm leaders
  • 20:44 – Jason Blumer shout out #2 – find ideal clients and trim the bad stuff
  • 21:40 – Don’t wait for people to discover our value. Show them
  • 29:35 – Meditate


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