First things First – Your Client Experience Vision

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Podcast Episodes | 1 comment

In today’s episode, Obed discusses the specifics of creating your client experience vision and how that vision simplifies every decision in your firm, career or organization. You’ll hear the exact vision Obed uses and how that’s benefited his firm, career and clients.


You’ll learn the common mistakes accountants make when creating their vision along with 3 “must have” pieces for building the perfect client experience vision. 



In this episode:

  • 01:38 – Benefits of your CX vision
  • 03:20 – Define the most important thing you do as an accountant
  • 05:10 – Technology alone is not client experience
  • 06:08 – Things  most people get wrong with their CX vision
  • 09:20 – What exactly does a CX vision include?
  • 09:40 Who do we love working with and why?
  • 11:32 What urgent needs and wants do  our clients have?
  • 13:31 Specific areas to cover when considering how to deliver the vision
  • 16:18 Obed shares his own CX vision


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