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What We Do

It’s like having a personal CFO in your pocket!

CliQue Advisor is a revolutionary finance technology that’s going to transform the experience that you have with your accountant, while growing your wealth.

With CliQue Advisor you’ll receive personal, proactive advice from your advisor, and get the ongoing attention and guidance that you deserve.

Home Overview

Receive an easy-to-understand, personalized plan to maximize your financial health.


Automated reminders inform you of important upcoming financial tasks.

Business Plan

Individual plans targeted to both your personal and business needs.

Retirement Plan Review

Access our advice library to learn how different tasks could benefit you.

Business KPI'S

KPIs to track both your personal and business performance.

Key Features

Personalized, proactive advice from your advisor.

Separate plans for personal and business needs.

Easily track your' financial health with our revolutionary WealthSense score.

The ability to increase your financial health in the palm of your hand.

Automated reminders for important tasks.

Creates a wealth-maximizing relationship with your advisor.

Find an accountant using CliQue