Are you ready to become an advice giving machine? Our machine can make it happen! Check out the new features CliQue is bringing to the accounting game:

  • Client Personas
  • Advice Library
  • Advice Detail
  • Advice Categories
  • Recurring & Scheduled Nudges

Client Personas

Fast track your advice by assigning each client a financial persona. Use these personas to assign larger groups of advice, which meet the predetermined general requirements.


Advice Library

If developing advice for all of your clients seems like a daunting task, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Accelerate your move into the advice game by accessing CliQue’s extensive library of existing advice. The CliQue library has well over 100 pieces of advice to set your clients on a path to increased financial well-being.


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Advice Detail

We’re super excited about this one! Boost the results of your advice by inserting text, videos, and links into your content.

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Advice Categories

Close service gaps and gain insight by understanding the performance of each category.


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Recurring & Scheduled Nudges

Save time by letting the machine do the work. Help your clients avoid preventable mistakes by establishing a financial health calendar that automatically reminds them of steps they can take to improve their financial wellness. These nudges can be sent the moment they are created, or scheduled to be sent at a future date.

There are some actions that your clients need to take every year. For example – you may need to advice them when they are approaching their RRSP contribution deadline. Now you can “set it and forget it” to be added to their Wealth Sense every year at a desired time

You can now setup template nudges that automatically send on a set calendar date or when the status of a specific piece of advice changes. For instance, a nudge will automatically be triggered when the status of a piece of advice changes from “started” to “completed”.

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