The rich experience your clients deserve

CliQue adds value without adding time. We help accountants and advisors deliver valuable advice, automate follow-up, and deliver visible results that their clients love.

Get Proactive and High-Touch 

Send the right messages at the right time, without having to even remember. CliQue allows you to create automated follow-up using SMS, email, and push notifications from one place.

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Grow Engagement and Avoid Missed Opportunities

Position yourself as the quarterback, and sell more value-added services. Create and share service plans that capture all available revenue opportunities – in under two minutes.

Deliver Visible Value that Has an Impact

Create more client action by tracking progress and sharing responsibility. Our financial wellness tracker, WealthSense™, ensures everyone is working towards a common goal and your contributions are always visible and valued.

Key Features

Proactive advice for your clients.

Firm-level analytics.

Easily track your clients' financial health progress.

Time saved with automated advisory.

Automated, event-based reminders for clients.

Unlimited Team Members and Collaborators.

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